was founded with the unique mission to accompany and assist business schools and universities in their quest for quality excellence.

Developing a culture of continuous improvement and achieving excellence requires critical self-reflection and analysis in 2 essential areas:

  • teaching, learning, and academic quality
  • the learner’s experience and the quality of services provided to all stakeholders

Obtaining and maintaining both international and national accreditations is essential to reinforce the continuous improvement process.

QACE UP can provide your institution of HE with years of experience and significant expertise to reach your accreditation goals.

The QACE UP methodology is designed to help your organization achieve sustainable excellence.

Compliance for the sake of compliance is a short-term trap. Quality must always be scrutinized and adjusted to vision, mission, and strategic plan as they evolve over the time.

QACE UP brings you a customized, efficient methodology based on:
Quality Assurance, Control, Enhancement…. UP to excellence.